Chart a Personalized Course to Appropriate Investment Choices

Advantages of Attavita® Risk

Differentiate your practice with comprehensive risk assessment.

Showcase your value to clients immediately with your understanding of their financial preferences, concerns and circumstances. Create a strong client relationship with your insight into their needs with this state-of-the-art system.

Improve client satisfaction with individualized risk know-how.

Actively engage your client to determine their risk capacity with factors they can really understand. Determine appropriate portfolio risk levels based on each client’s risk capacity. Review portfolio performance confidently with the client’s greater understanding of how their investment portfolio is appropriate for their personalised risk capacity.

Create a risk profile & appropriate investment risk levels quickly, with no training required.

This interactive user-friendly system determines client’s risk capacity based on easy to understand factors, which are immediately translated into the appropriate risk level investment portfolio.

There is clear opportunity for financial advisors to strengthen their client relationships…

“only 44% of HNWIs are confident they understand the reasons for their risk profile…or the influence it could have on their portfolio”

The Resilience Agenda: The Wealth Manager’s Guide to the New Era of Volatility.

Technology enables customized engagement

A majority of firms say their top technology priority is the rise of technology for client engagement.

Source: CFA Institute Future of Finance Investment Firm of th Future, September 2018

Why Attavita® Risk?

Understand your client’s risk capacity & risk appropriate investment solutions.

Individualized Risk Assessment

For each individual, the most relevant risk factors are used to determine their risk capacity, including subjective preferences and objective financial circumstances. The financial advisor has immediate insight into how to help their clients reach their financial goals.

State-of-the-Art Algorithms

Each individual’s risk capacity is translated into the appropriate investment portfolio risk levels. The state of the art algorithms are based on extensive, rigorous, academic research.

Investment Life Management

As the risk factors vary during a life time, the appropriate investment risk level can be re-calibrated. The financial advisor can stay in touch with clients, walking them through the most appropriate investment strategy based on their life stage and financial status.